I ran across a post on the etsy forum from the PetsJubilee team. They're having a photo contest! I had seen the thread several times, but because it said "Puppy Love," I didn't think twice about it. I've got dogs, and I've got some pretty adorable dogs, but I don't have photos of them. Well, at OMGIT'SEARLY this morning, I decided to look. It's not just for dogs! Yay! So I entered. I entered my rat who died on Tuesday. I miss him very much. My boyfriend came home with two new ones on Saturday, as an early Valentine's gift, and I adore them. They're silly and very different from each other. They'll be loved as much as any rat could be. They don't, however, replace my Sigma. He was my first hairless rat. He was very special. He was less like a rat and more like a person! He had his own personality, likes, dislikes, and quirks. I have a feeling that I'll never be completely okay with him being gone, but I can do my best. I know it's probably strange to enter a deceased pet in a contest, but I don't want to forget him. I want everyone to know just how great he was! He was pretty cute, too. ;)

Anyway, the voting is now opened until the 21st at noon EST. You can go vote once a day. It would be amazing and greatly appreciated if everyone would go vote for him every day. And if you wanted to get your friends to do it, that would be even more amazing! Fair warning: there's an adorable hedgehog, and some beautiful horses, and bunnies! (As well as dogs and cats) It would make me incredibly happy if Sigma won though. I'm not interested in the prize, and if he won, I'd probably go donate the prize to the animal shelter at which I volunteer. It's more about doing something for Sigma since he did so much for me.


GrandmaMarilyns said...

I know how it is to miss your beloved pet no matter what type he is. But, he will live on in your memory. What I suggest you do is make a pillow with his picture on it that you can place next to where you sit all the time. Then he will be with you all the time like he was in life.