Find of the Day: Part Deux!

I have a mild addiction to watching BBC America. This, I won't deny. I kind of love it. This morning, the schedule showed that rugby was going to be on. I've never watched rugby, and I'm not much of a sports fan, so I figured I'd find something else to watch. Well, that didn't happen. I watched my first rugby match today! I can tell you that it's VERY entertaining! I started with no clue about what was going on. I can honestly say that I've now only got a slight idea what's going on. Maybe it's my cluelessness that's making this entertaining. Who knows? I do know that I think I enjoy it and I've looked up a local league. I'm not planning on joining them, I just want to go watch!

In honor of seeing my first rugby match, I bring you today's Find of the Day!

Find this, and other fun stuff, at The Frantic Meerkat.

I should probably take this moment to explain the Find of the Day, eh? I tend to be crap about updating things and it crossed my mind that if I have something that NEEDS to be done every day, it will keep me posting. Aside from that, there are TONS of things on etsy, and there's no way that they'll all get seen. When I get online, I read my normal places and then head over to etsy. I type in something that relates to what I'm currently doing, and then find something that I like and share it here. It becomes my Find of the Day. It often leads to things that I wouldn't have found otherwise.

Take today's, for example. A search for rugby lead me to a shop full of cute and fun cards and magnets. Cards and magnets aren't something that I'd usually search for, and if I did, I'm sure that I'd get thousands of results. I may not have found The Frantic Meerkat. The purpose of Find of the Day is to find things that you may not see hopefully direct others to something that they might find useful, even if it's not particularly useful to me.

Right then. I've got some jumprings to make and a new book to read! I should probably also read my biology for the week, eh?