I snagged my first treasury! It took some patience, and staring at a screen that I never thought would change, but it happened!

I decided to feature people who post on, since they're all a bunch of amazing, creative, talented people. Go check it out! Comment! Show them some love!



How cute is this? Really? Call me a nerd if you must, but I love this! It's made by luckyduct and can be found here. She's also got Pacman and Ghost earrings and a Pacman and Pearls necklace, which are also awesome! Oh, and you can get the ring set with Ms. Pacman, too.
She's got a lot of other really unique and pretty jewelry too, but this called out to my inner nerd!

Have you found anything fun today?

FoTD: 3

I missed doing this over the weekend, but I'm not going to do multiples to catch up. Sorry!

Today's Find of the Day comes from Spicedragon. His Kronos Ring of the Titan is gorgeous! I don't even have the words to express how lovely it is! The person who ends up with this ring will be very lucky. If I had the extra money, I'd snatch it up in a heartbeat! Go check it out!

Busy, busy, busy!

I've been slacking already! Life got busy and I started working on a new set of items that should be up soon. It's not taking too terribly long, and the more I work on it, the quicker I'll be able to finish it. I'm not going into detail on it, but it will be a charity set of items, with proceeds going to several places.

Then! After I finish this, I'll begin working on my next jewelry collection. I'm really looking forward to it! I've got some neat ideas worked out, and others fermenting in my head. It should be fun...and educational!
I ran across a post on the etsy forum from the PetsJubilee team. They're having a photo contest! I had seen the thread several times, but because it said "Puppy Love," I didn't think twice about it. I've got dogs, and I've got some pretty adorable dogs, but I don't have photos of them. Well, at OMGIT'SEARLY this morning, I decided to look. It's not just for dogs! Yay! So I entered. I entered my rat who died on Tuesday. I miss him very much. My boyfriend came home with two new ones on Saturday, as an early Valentine's gift, and I adore them. They're silly and very different from each other. They'll be loved as much as any rat could be. They don't, however, replace my Sigma. He was my first hairless rat. He was very special. He was less like a rat and more like a person! He had his own personality, likes, dislikes, and quirks. I have a feeling that I'll never be completely okay with him being gone, but I can do my best. I know it's probably strange to enter a deceased pet in a contest, but I don't want to forget him. I want everyone to know just how great he was! He was pretty cute, too. ;)

Anyway, the voting is now opened until the 21st at noon EST. You can go vote once a day. It would be amazing and greatly appreciated if everyone would go vote for him every day. And if you wanted to get your friends to do it, that would be even more amazing! Fair warning: there's an adorable hedgehog, and some beautiful horses, and bunnies! (As well as dogs and cats) It would make me incredibly happy if Sigma won though. I'm not interested in the prize, and if he won, I'd probably go donate the prize to the animal shelter at which I volunteer. It's more about doing something for Sigma since he did so much for me.

Find of the Day: Part Deux!

I have a mild addiction to watching BBC America. This, I won't deny. I kind of love it. This morning, the schedule showed that rugby was going to be on. I've never watched rugby, and I'm not much of a sports fan, so I figured I'd find something else to watch. Well, that didn't happen. I watched my first rugby match today! I can tell you that it's VERY entertaining! I started with no clue about what was going on. I can honestly say that I've now only got a slight idea what's going on. Maybe it's my cluelessness that's making this entertaining. Who knows? I do know that I think I enjoy it and I've looked up a local league. I'm not planning on joining them, I just want to go watch!

In honor of seeing my first rugby match, I bring you today's Find of the Day!

Find this, and other fun stuff, at The Frantic Meerkat.

I should probably take this moment to explain the Find of the Day, eh? I tend to be crap about updating things and it crossed my mind that if I have something that NEEDS to be done every day, it will keep me posting. Aside from that, there are TONS of things on etsy, and there's no way that they'll all get seen. When I get online, I read my normal places and then head over to etsy. I type in something that relates to what I'm currently doing, and then find something that I like and share it here. It becomes my Find of the Day. It often leads to things that I wouldn't have found otherwise.

Take today's, for example. A search for rugby lead me to a shop full of cute and fun cards and magnets. Cards and magnets aren't something that I'd usually search for, and if I did, I'm sure that I'd get thousands of results. I may not have found The Frantic Meerkat. The purpose of Find of the Day is to find things that you may not see hopefully direct others to something that they might find useful, even if it's not particularly useful to me.

Right then. I've got some jumprings to make and a new book to read! I should probably also read my biology for the week, eh?

Blog Etiquette

Just something that I've been wondering about...

This is my first public blog, so I'm not too clear on some things. My personal blog is over at LiveJournal, and it's all locked down. Because of that, in order for someone to read my entries, they have to be on my friends list. When someone adds you, they generally leave you a comment to let you know, and if you want them to be able to read your entries, you friend them back. How does that work here? What do you do for etsy-related blogs? They're all public, obviously, so you don't have to add people so that they can your posts. I'm wondering specifically the etiquette when you follow someone. Do you comment and let them know? Do they really care, or are they just interested in having as many followers, and reaching as many people as possible? I ask because there are many threads with people asking for others to follow their blog. I went through a few of them, followed a lot of people, and posted my link. Maybe it's just me, but I go back to those threads and add new people who have posted their link if their blog interests me. (I need to make sure that I've got everyone following added!) I just feel that if you're going to ask for people to follow you, you should return the gesture, you know? Maybe it's just me, I don't know. I'm not complaining, by any means, I'm just wondering. Honestly, I'd rather have a small group that I can interact with instead of hundreds that I can't keep track of!

It does make me wonder though, if people aren't interested because this is a new blog. If it's because the two posts that I have are just not interesting, which I can understand. Or if people are just after numbers and just don't care. It's just something that crossed my mind in all of this following madness. What do you think? I'd love to hear what you think about this. What the generally accepted rules to following people are, because I've got no idea and am honestly interested!

Pondering out of the way, I need to go and read up on all of the blogs that I'm now following! I've got A LOT of reading ahead of me!
It's far too cold and far too early to be awake! I got sucked in to the etsy forums until some time after 3am. I was awake at 5:30am. There's been cereal eaten, and now I'm huddling under my blankets for as long as I can! I have to leave soon. Errands to be run, and wire to be bought! I have master plans, you see. Master plans! My hands are freezing. I think I need these. (Found here)

There's a lot of neat stuff in her shop, but I'm strangely drawn to these! They're shiny! And strange! And probably warm!

Right then, I need to get dressed. Things to do, things to do!

Well Hello There!

I started this blog forever ago, but never used it. I honestly just can't keep track of all of the places that I go! I've just decided that I should use this for my etsy/jewelry related stuff so that I'm not constantly spamming the people who follow my personal blog/journal with random things that they may not care about!

Leave some love and tell me a little about you!