Mainely Rat Rescue

So starting up TeamBPAL has occupied a lot of my time recently. It's also allowed me to "meet" some really great people. One of those people, [info]stormslegacy, works with a rat rescue (, and they're in need of some help. A link to the full story is here:

I'm sure that all of you know that I adore rats. They're amazing pets. So sweet and intelligent and funny, and just fun. I'm going to send them as much soy formula as I can afford to mail, but I want to do something else. For the rest of this month, 50% of every item purchased from my etsy shop ( will be sent off to help the ratties.

I realize that not everyone's a rat person, and that's okay. Mine have brought me so much joy though, and I want to help these to find homes with people who will love them! I've got 5 of my own, and 2 babies, and they've all got their own personalities. Miss Li's the oldest. She wasn't the most social rat, and still isn't, but over time, she's gotten so much better. She went from not wanting to be touched at all to coming to be loved on when her cage is opened. She comes out and runs around, and will even perch on your shoulder now. I'm sure everyone knows about my dear Ood Sigma, who died. He was my first hairless, and just an amazing boy. I miss him every day. Brenna's two, Rose and Martha (like Doctor Who! B's a little nerd.) are both sweet girls. They're playful and silly. Even my dad, who didn't think rats were that great, has changed his mind because of them. Then there's Nikodemus and Eleanore. P got them for me for Valentine's day, because I was so upset over losing my Ood. Niko's being a bit mopey right now because he got taken out of the cage that he was in. I keep telling him that it had to be done though, because we don't need more babies! He's quite fond of P though. Eleanore's a sweetheart. Before she had a name, we called her "Shoulder rat" because she'd just sit on your shoulder. She runs up to the cage whenever she sees me because she knows that I'll take her out and let her play. Then there are the babies, who, right now, are called "BABIES!" They're going on two weeks old and look like baby hippos. (They're hairless and grey) I'm looking forward to finding out their personalities.

If you can help, even a little, I know that the rescue would appreciate it. I don't know any of the people involved personally, but rat people can't be bad! If you want to help, but want something in return, go to my shop and buy something. If you want something custom, I can do that, too. [info]stormslegacy is also offering sketches for donations here:

And if you're local, please consider helping them out by fostering.